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About Us

Stamford Advisory is a specialist advisory firm headquartered in Singapore and serving clients throughout the Asia-Pacific. Helmed by seasoned consultants and industry practitioners, our advisory approach centres upon working hand-in-hand with clients in a true partnership, by combining Stamford Advisory’s expertise with our clients’ internal capabilities. We focus primarily on leveraging analytics to enhance decision-making and drive business strategies across organizations.

To complement our suite of advisory services, we also offer Corporate training services to clients, in the form of both bespoke face-to-face and standardised online training modules. Our clients include financial institutions, government organizations and corporations.

Who We Are

We are a team of exceptionally talented individuals who have done it all in our previous lives at large, established firms in consulting and banking. Now we just want to do interesting work with discerning clients and engaging people, and most importantly have some fun along the way. We thus strive to only commit to work which fits with our expertise and sufficiently piques our interest. Once committed, we are really good at what we do. And we like to believe that our clients and partners think so too.

Our Approach

We bring a new approach to working together with our clients ― working hand-in-hand in a true partnership, leveraging both our client’s internal talent and capabilities, and our global industry insights to create better understanding and embedding of the knowledge and capabilities developed at our clients

Our structure allows us to tailor the right team structure to suit client needs, resources and timetables. Beyond traditional consulting, we offer multiple engagement structures to optimally address critical strategic and business issues.

A. Flexible team on ground:

Resource / talent constrained situation, Stamford team part-time on the ground as needed with flexibility to ramp-up and down

B. Senior advisory:

Long duration, Stamford Directors on-site part time working with senior management team and leading client team

C. Senior team on ground:

Tight deadline, Stamford Directors on-site part time with joint commitment to deliverables working with client team

Stamford Advisory range of project structures

Our flexibility also allows clients to use a mix of project structures over the course of an engagement in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Our Clients

Our Client